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How to Make Vintage Crafts Using Vintage Fabrics


If you are looking for something different to make, and also want to recycle, then why not try some vintage crafts?… using vintage fabrics

Look at home through that trunk of old clothes, or bedspreads, or even tablecloths, and get that imagination going!

Clean the fabric gently, or have it dry cleaned if you prefer. Take apart the seams of the old clothes and then match the amount of fabric to a pattern you may have for a doll, stuffed animal, pillows or other accessories, your imagination is your limit!. If there is not enough for a project, then match it up with some other contrasting or similar fabrics..

This is a great way to display or show off some of that fabric from old clothes you remember on yourself, or even your grandma!.. If the material is delicate, but you want to still show it off, then make it into doll clothes for a “display doll”.. what a great way to remember old times… Vintage fabrics do not need to be reserved for quilts only! try other ideas!.

If you don’t have a trunk of old clothes or fabrics, then why not check the local antique stores, or at rummage and garage sales. You quite often find things like old chenille bed spreads that are worn in spots, and just end up in a corner somewhere, these make great soft stuffies for that special child, and with the bright colors from the 70‘s they look very cool and retro!

If you sell crafts at craft shows, this is a great way to advertise that you recycle, and there are some great patterned fabrics from years ago, that you just don’t see now. So, don’t let those old clothes disintegrate in some trunk somewhere, if you can’t wear them again, then turn them into something special!
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