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What type of fabric should I use to make my winter coat?

I am planning on making a winter coat for myself as a fun project and I am wondering what type of fabric I should use. We live in TN so it does get cold and snow, but not that much. My pattern says cotton, coton blends, poplin, gabardine. and China silk for the lining. What do you think of those fabrics, not really knowledgeable about them? Thank you in advanced. Oh and what are some good online fabric shops with cheap priced fabric, budget is tight these days and JoAnns is a bit high sometimes.

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Cotton inkjet fabric sheets for inkjet printers

Print real textiles through you inkjet printer, 100% cotton fabric you can use for any sewing project. Print the fabric off like normal paper then after printing peel off the paper backing. This fabric is very soft so can be used for hand sewing and machine sewing. Use it for photo quilts and patchwork, see our site for loads of examples of how this paper is used,

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